Offset paper is a glued medium-ash-content kind of paper designed for printing illustrated and text publications or graphic products by the photo-offset method.

The “OLERO” Company brings newsprint produced by the “Mondi Syktyvkar Timber-Processing Complex”, Russia, to your attention.

There are many varieties of offset paper, whose density is usually ranges from 55 up to 220 g/sq.m. Manufacturers of this material determine it as uncoated wood-free paper or paper containing wood pulp, highly resistant to deformation under the influence of humidity in case of offset printing.

Peculiarities of this kind of printing set rather strict requirements for offset paper properties. Among other characteristics, great attention is paid to paper surface strength, gluing, absorbability, as well as constancy of dimensions in case of moistening and further drying in the course of printing.

Stuff sizing also makes paper more water-resistant, preventing penetration of water in it but not impeding absorption of oil polygraphic paints.
Offset paper is suitable for almost all kinds of printing, that’s why it is also used for office printing – for laser and jet printers, as well as in risography (a form of screen printing).
Service life of the material is determined by content of wood pulp in the composition – wood-free paper is recommended for publications with long life, paper with wood pulp from 50 to 75% is recommended for publications with medium and short service life. Offset paper is used for printing illustrated publications (both monochromatic and polychromatic), magazines, books, and newspapers.
Offset paper is widely used for printing different kinds of advertising and promotional materials. These may be brochures, catalogues, leaflets, posters, flyers and many others.
Besides that, offset printing is used for publishing various monochromatic or polychromatic illustrated products beginning with magazines and ending with books.

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