Newsprint - unglue low-ash paper of a relatively low density, low brightness, high-pulp, designed for the printing of newspapers and similar printed products designed for single use and do not imply a long lifetime.

The firm “OLERO” offers a newsprint production "Mondi Syktyvkar", Russia.

“Plump” newsprint of JSC "Mondi Syktyvkar" - winner of the Russian National Program "100 best goods of Russia". Newsprint machine smoothness (plump) Syktyvkar LPK awarded in the category "Products for industrial purposes."

At Mondi Syktyvkar began to produce “plump” newspaper in 2007. In a relatively short time of its production volumes have increased from several tens to hundreds of tons. Feature of the “plump” newspaper paper is that in the manufacturing process it is not compacted and the thickness is not reduced. Density of 45 g / sq. m. It is equal to the thickness of offset paper density of 100 g / sqm. Newspaper "plump" is used mainly for printing newspapers and books, so-called "road" class, with a low-life. It is light and has high rigidity, so when reading the sheets are folding. Whiteness, “plump” and a high degree of opacity (so that text is not making its way to the back of the sheet) will not tire your eyes. This paper used for printing in black and white and full color literature.

The quality of the newspaper “plump” as well as other papers produced by Mondi Syktyvkar is always stable. The established system of quality control does not allow shipping the defective product to the customers.

Paper specifications

  • Produced in rolls of sizes 60, 62, 84, 126, 168 cm wide and 1 m in diameter (can be produced in any format on request).
  • Coil weight depends on the size and range from 300 to 900 kg.
  • The density of produced paper - between 42 and 45 grams per square meter
  • You can print both black and white and color editions.
  • Constant controlled by the weight based on the ideal distribution of the fiber, ensuring equal physical characteristics of the fabric.
  • High optical performance can produce two-sided printing with no radiographic images.
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