Manufacturing of package by lining is the process of overlaminating of a material (liner) to a thicker base. In such a case liner is coated paper or bookbinding (flat polygraphic) board for a box of small size with an image applied by offset printing. Corrugated fiberboard or micro-corrugated fiberboard (two- or three-ply one) can serve as a base. When manufacturing packages of lined board, surface turns out to be the most even and attractive one. In this case, the upper layer is laminated or is covered with offset, water-dispersive or UV-lacquer.
At the moment board lining is the unique way of application of high-quality full-color image on a thick base. It is notably that the correlation of the price of a lined board package with its quality is always rather admissible for big manufacturers.
Package of lined board is used for packing of components and expendable materials, electric lighting and household appliances, sanitary and office equipment, dishware, textile products, toys, as well as alcoholic beverages, etc.
Package of lined board has more attractive appearance than package with flexoprint. Without any doubts, it has a positive influence on volumes of sale of the products themselves packed in such a box. Thus, companies and enterprises that went on this kind of package of lined board have made sure that decoration of products often plays a very great role besides their quality. Buyers of products appreciate, first of all, ability to present goods in a beautiful manner.

The “HORN” LTD elaborates and manufactures package of corrugated board with application of full-color offset print.
It is also possible to apply glossy or mat UV-lacquer by option, to realize foil stamping, hot stamping, and lamination.

Terms of manufacturing of lined package are from 10 to 15 days..

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