The “Combine of Cardboard Products” JSC manufactures package of corrugated fiberboard applying high-quality flexoprint onto it. We offer a wide choice of various packages of corrugated fiberboard and micro-corrugated fiberboard, both with flexoprint and without it. You may present your own design layout or order the elaboration of a design layout in our company. Then a flexoform will be made in accordance with this layout and, further, flexoprint on cardboard will be realized.
Enterprises dealing with manufacturing of one or another kind of products often prefer packages with flexoprint. It is not surprisingly and quite explainable since many of them want to show their goods to the best advantage and a consumer, in his turn, practically does not pay his attention to a “usual” box.
Flexoprint on corrugated fiberboard allows visualizing the product that is inside the package, that helping the buyer to make his right choice. Besides that, certain information about the manufacturer or, for instance, simple manipulation signs are sometimes very necessary.
Cost of flexoprint depends on quantity of pantone color, as well as on the area of coverage. But in any case, appealing to our enterprise, you will be able to assure yourself that you will really pay the lowest price for a possibility to see your package colorful and recognizable.

“Combine of Cardboard Products” JSC and the “HORN” LTD elaborate and manufacture transport packaging of corrugated fiberboard with application of multicolor and full-color flexoprint for enterprises from food, cannery, wine, brewing, confectionery, glass, light, chemical, building, and furniture branches, as well as for other branches of national economy.
We offer the following kinds of corrugated packaging:
- 4-valve boxes of corrugated fiberboard;
- products of corrugated fiberboard of complex configuration: self-assembled trays with multiple-point gluing, with folded bottom, sloping valves, etc;
- components for boxes of corrugated fiberboard: inners, grids, inserted liners.

We manufacture boxes of corrugated fiberboard with application of flexoprint in the course of 5 days.

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