Welcome to the Chisinau Cardboard Store!

     Its first production was made on the 14th of February 1969 in Chisinau. In 50 years, the company became a leader in the respective industrial sector on the Moldovan market. Over the years, we have constantly developed: production equipment has been upgraded according to the latest international requirements - the possibility of producing 90 million square meters per year, new and new standards have been developed and adopted types of packaging delivered to other countries: Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, the Russian Federation. We remain the only producer in Moldova that uses at least one layer of raw material containing 100% cellulose and we have a non-waste production cycle.
     During this half-century, many events and changes have taken place in the life of the Combinate. One thing, however, remained unchanged - product quality and individual attention to customer requirements. It is not surprising that the Valentine's Day Cardboard Combinations in Chisinau were released: the production is distinguished by the fact that love and care is made. It's done by men and people, and this is one of the basic principles, and then we lead to our production.
     And, although this site can not fully address all aspects of the production and technical activity of the business, we have endeavored to get to know each of the basic moments.

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